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Remember Those Special Moments with Our Classic Scents

Remember Special Moments with Our Powerful Fragrances

As soon as you open the bottle and inhale that unique familiar scent, a rush of happy memories helps you relax. Used by moms for generations, the classic aromas of JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo and JOHNSON’S® baby lotion bring you back to the joy of those special loving moments you’ve shared with your mom or little one.

Remember Those Special Moments with Our Classic Scents

Transform Your Mood with Our Powerful Fragrances

Over the years we’ve broadened our product line, adding new scents that help lift your mood, relax, and invigorate you—all while also babying your skin.

Aloe & Vitamin E

Aloe makes us think of those long hot days of summer, when we never wanted to come back inside. Capture that joy while staying fresh in the heat when you sprinkle on JOHNSON’S® baby pure cornstarch powder with aloe vera & vitamin e. The powder combines the dry-skin soothing properties of aloe vera with the skin conditioning benefits of vitamin E.

Vanilla Oatmeal

Vanilla Oatmeal

A whiff of Vanilla Oatmeal takes us back to those sunny afternoons baking cookies with loved ones and chilly winter mornings enjoying a bowl of our favorite breakfast before school. The smell of JOHNSON’S® baby lotion with vanilla oatmeal evokes these warm feelings, as oatmeal, long known for its nourishing and skin soothing properties, and the added essence of vanilla, leave you with baby-soft skin.

Shea & Cocoa

Cleanse with JOHNSON’S® baby moisture wash with shea & cocoa butter and inhale that giddy happiness that comes from a big bowl of chocolate cake batter. You’ll leave the shower or bath not only clean and blissful, but also with nourished skin, as shea and cocoa butters are ingredients long known to soothe and relieve dryness.

Honey Apple

Smooth on JOHNSON’S® baby lotion with honey apple in the morning for some invigorating hydration. Perk up to the smell of apples and memories of crisp autumn days, while the delicious scent of honey helps soothe away any stress. Both ingredients are known for their sweet smell and skin-nourishing benefits.

Calming Lavender

Our Calming Lavender products combine chamomile and natural lavender for a soothing, relaxing experience. Lavender reminds us of lazy days playing in the garden, and chamomile? That hot cup of tea before bed. Get ready to ease into sleep after a long day by smoothing on JOHNSON’S® baby oil gel with lavender after stepping out of a warm bath, locking in moisture and leaving a lingering tranquil fragrance on your hydrated skin.

Our lavender line is one of this celebrity’s favorites!

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