At Johnson’s®, we are committed to ensuring that every baby, everywhere, has the healthiest start to life. From providing high-quality products to partnering with organizations that support vulnerable families, we are passionate about helping improve the lives of babies everywhere. Learn more about how we are making a difference.

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Access To Care

Three quarters of all newborn deaths globally are from preventable and treatable causes.* At Johnson’s®, we aspire to ensure that every new baby has access to quality care before, during and after birth. We do this through partnerships that provide support in vulnerable communities, and by supporting nurses and midwives on the frontlines of newborn care. 

Save the Children

For over two decades, our company has worked side by side with Save the Children, building the resiliency of children and their families through innovative approaches to health and development, while serving as the leading voice for those who need it the most. With a focus on helping to increase access to and use of quality maternal and newborn care for at-risk populations around the world, together we have provided lifesaving services to nearly 1 million newborns experiencing health complications.

Healthy outcomes can be impacted by other types of access as well. For example, in the Middle East and Africa, millions of babies are not issued birth certificates, which can result in a lack of basic human rights and protection. During 2018-2021, Johnson’s® partnered with Save the Children® on “The Right Start, ” a program supporting birth registration programming in the region. As of 2020, over 17K children have been registered for birth certificates and over 540K community members were reached with messages on the importance of birth registrations.

We believe that another important way to improve access to newborn care is by supporting nurses & midwives, who play a critical role in ensuring that babies have the healthiest start to life—from delivery to first feedings to teaching new parents how to care for their baby. Johnson’s® is a proud supporter of AWHONN, ANA and the International Confederation of Midwives, providing donations and resources to enable these organizations to provide care for more moms and babies.

Maternal health

Healthy babies rely on healthy mothers. It has been shown that how well mothers and babies are cared for in the first 1.000 days (pregnancy through child’s age 2) impacts their lifelong health. Unfortunately, inequalities in healthcare can prevent many new mothers from getting the care they need, which can lead to poor outcomes for both mom and baby.

 AWHONN (Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses)

Johnson's® is currently partnering with AWHONN to support their ongoing commitment to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare. Through our sponsorship of the Supporting Nurses Saving Moms & Babies: Hospital to Home Summit, we have helped to identify and implement actions to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality among Moms of Color.

Supporting Families

We know that raising a healthy, happy baby takes a village, and Johnson’s ® is proud to offer programs and resources that support new parents in their journey. We provide tips and advice on caring for a new baby, as well as support for parents in addressing challenges as children grow and develop.

In it Together

In 2020, with the help of doctors, nurses and moms, we responded to the urgent needs of the COVID-19 crisis by providing helpful resources to expectant parents navigating pregnancy during the pandemic. #InitTogether provided support for new moms, as well as inspiring stories from families who welcomed babies during this unprecedented time.

From the StartTM

In 2021, Johnson’s® was proud to deliver “From the StartTM”, a parent’s guide to talking about racial bias. This simple tool was designed to inform, educate and empower parents of young children to appropriately talk about race helping raise the next generation of changemakers.