Our No More Tangles® Collection for Toddler Hair Care

Win the tangles tug of war with our No More Tangles® kid & toddler hair products. Our 3-step routine unlocks 75% more knots vs. shampoo without conditioning agent making for a no-hassle hair care routine.

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Did you know?

Playing in the bath with your toddler boosts his/her learning and nurtures his/her bond with you.

Learn Our 3-Step Kid & Toddler Hair Care Routine

Our simple 3-step hair care routine makes caring for your little one’s hair quick and painless for both of you! Watch below for some tips and tricks for your toddler’s tangles.

About Johnson’s® Classics

Our classics collection is great for kids and adults! From our iconic baby shampoo to our beloved baby lotion, these products can be used for the entire family.

Toddler Massage Basics

Massage helps develop your toddler’s ability to relate to others while improving motor and cognitive development. Check out some tips and tricks for massaging your toddler.