Remove Makeup with Baby Oil

It’s important to remove your makeup before bed to prevent dryness and the buildup of bacteria on your skin. Short on time? All it takes is a cotton ball and a swipe of baby oil to clear away the day.

Clean Makeup Tools with Baby Shampoo

Did you know your makeup brushes can harbor bacteria? Clean your brushes weekly with the delicate lather of our baby shampoos. You’ll be left with fresh beauty tools that smell great, too!

Moisturize Your Skin with Baby Lotion

A good lotion moisturizes. A great lotion keeps skin moisturized all day long. Nourish your skin with any of our baby lotions for 24 hours of softness that leaves your skin smelling like that one-of-kind Johnson’s® fragrance you know and love.

Give Your Legs a Healthy Glow with Baby Oil Gel

Looking to give your legs a bit of a shimmer? Just apply some baby oil gel and a touch of bronzer for the ultimate glow.