Our CottonTouch® Collection for Newborn Skin Care

Gentle enough for the earliest days of life, our CottonTouch® products are ultra-light and perfectly pH balanced to your newborn’s sensitive skin. This wash and lotion are made with real cotton, purposeful ingredients, and no parabens, phthalates or sulfates.

CottonTouch® creates a delicate, soft touch and supports a bond between you and your baby.

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Did you know?

Babies’ eyes continue to develop after birth, making sight the last sense to fully develop.

How To Bathe A Newborn

When it comes to baby’s first bath, you might have a lot of questions but we’ve got you covered. Watch this step-by-step video on how to bathe a newborn and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Learn Our 2-Step Baby Bath Time Routine

Try our 2-step routine, to enhance the experience of touch between mom/dad and baby.

Step 1

Start a warm bath with a wash that has an enjoyable & light scent, like our CottonTouch™ newborn wash & shampoo, which has a velvety lather that rinses off easily.

Step 2

Follow with a soothing massage using our CottonTouch™ newborn face and body moisturizer, which is fast absorbing and keeps your baby’s skin moisturized for 24 hours.

Newborn Skin Basics

Newborn skin is unique! It protects against the outside world and keeps your baby safe. But it’s also extremely delicate and needs special care. We compiled everything you need to know about newborn skin care, so that you can spend your time cuddling with the newest, littlest member of your family.

Newborn Massage Basics

Over the past 9 months you’ve imagined what your baby would look like, feel like, and even smell like. Now that he/she is here, your touch is what will foster bonding and special moments. We put together everything you need to know about newborn massage.