What Is Baby Oil?

If you’re looking for the liquid form of a do-it-all multipurpose tool, look no further than baby oil. In fact, chances are good that you’ll find it in many a household without an infant in the family. Why? Because there are so many baby oil uses! And, conveniently, you can find Johnson’s® Baby Oil in just about any grocery or drug store.

To begin, you’re probably wondering, “What is baby oil?” Baby oil is comprised mostly of mineral oil, a colorless, odorless liquid made from highly refined petroleum. Lubricating mineral oils are most often created for one of two purposes: industrial uses and more highly refined consumer-grade uses. Here we focus on the latter in the form of baby oil, which is designed first and foremost for helping to keep baby’s skin irresistibly soft, but can also be used for a wide variety of beauty and household life hacks. Read on to discover why generations have kept a bottle of this wonder product always on hand.

Baby Oil Uses for Your Skin

Relaxing Massages

We start with the most obvious use and also the most relaxing: baby oil for massages. The next time you need to wind down, reach for a bottle of baby oil and slowly but firmly massage a quarter sized amount onto each of your limbs and trunk to treat your skin to a good moisturization session. And before you say you haven’t the time for such a luxurious task, remember that your skin is your body’s largest organ, responsible for a whole variety of vital tasks, so it deserves some extra TLC!

Woman applying DIY body scrub to arm

DIY Body Scrub

Your skin is constantly regenerating. Believe it or not, you’re sloughing off thousands of dead skin cells every day which is precisely why a good body scrub should be a regular (think once a week or so) part of your bathing routine. Luckily, body scrubs are super easy and super fun to make right in your kitchen. Simply mix ¼ cup of baby oil with one cup of white salt then let sit overnight. When it’s time to clean up, add a few tablespoons to your favorite loofah in the shower, and gently scrub away!

After exiting the shower, take an extra moment to give your glowing skin even more love. Gently pat dry, and massage a bit of baby oil onto your body to help lock in moisture. This can help prevent dry skin, particularly during those harsh winter months when our skin cells often lose some of their hydration to the surrounding dry environment.

Woman moisturizing face using baby oil

Tattoo Skin Hydration

You can also use baby oil for tattoos that are still healing and peeling. Gently massage over and around the tattooed area to provide the affected skin additional hydration.

For Your Household

Baby oil isn’t just for the body though; It’s also your pinch hitter for many household to-do’s.

Quick Fix Lubricant

The next time you’re trying to unlatch a stuck door handle or sweet-talk a too-tight screw during an appliance fix, simply reach for the baby oil tucked away in your bathroom closet. Its lubricating properties make for a mess-free solution to loosening just about anything or for quieting a squeaky hinge. But don’t forget: the key is to start with just a drop or two, and add more only as needed.


Just when you think we’ve covered all of the best baby oil hacks, we have one final heaping helping of tips related to your cleaning needs. Filmy shower doors? Use a teaspoon of baby oil on a glass-approved scouring sponge, and scrub, scrub, scrub. After wiping away the grime and oil, follow with a diluted vinegar or standard glass cleaner spray. Dried out leather? Dab a touch of baby oil onto a soft cloth and buff away. Sticky goo left behind from a kid’s stickers or a label? Rest a cloth doused with baby oil on top of the mark for 30 seconds, and then move the cloth in circular motions until it’s spot free. You can also use a bit when dusting to bring a beautiful shine back to wood surfaces! The best part? Because a little goes such a long way, a single bottle can last you quite some time.

While you may not hear friends wonder “What is baby oil good for?” on an everyday basis, having these useful life hacks at your disposal is bound to win you brownie points in no time flat. Be sure to grab a bottle during your next in-person or online shop.