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Nursing Pads

Feel your best by using disposable nursing pads, designed for confident protection, absorbency, soft comfort, and complete discretion. These breathable nursing pads help you feel comfortable and confident that you are protected while you are on-the-go.

  • Breathable protective cover—keeps clothes dry while enabling airflow to skin.
  • Super absorbent core—special polymer pulls and locks moisture away from skin for longer-lasting dryness.
  • Cushiony-soft lining—offers softness and comfort.
  • Contoured shape—enables a secure, comfortable fit, and affords discretion.
  • Unique nipple indentation—provides soft, soothing comfort.
  • Non-slip adhesive strip—secures the pad in place for confident protection, day or night.
  • Silent, rustle-free design—produces no sound under clothing for more discretion.
  • Disposable pads—allow for convenient, on-the-go usage.

Available in: 60 count