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Commitment to a Healthy Planet


You're helping her grow. And you wonder who she'll grow into. You want it to be someone who takes care of others and the earth that we share. At JOHNSON’S®, we’ve watched families - yours and ours - grow through generations. And we have the same concerns and dreams. So we made a commitment to use our resources to care for families and the environment. We want to help shape a sustainable, healthy planet. For you, and for her.

Understanding Meets Caring

JOHNSON’S® cares best for babies because we understand what makes them special. Click to explore the research that drives everything we do.

For Every Little Wonder

As a parent, your world has completely changed and your capacity for love is deeper than ever. We’re here every step of the way. Click to start the journey.

Healthy Families

We support happy, healthy babies and their families. No matter where they live. Together with our parent company, Johnson & Johnson, we have the opportunity to change the world through partnerships, volunteer time, donations, and skill sharing courses.

Save the Children

JOHNSON’S® partners with Save the Children on international efforts to provide healthcare, aid, and education to families in communities affected by crisis or poverty.

UN Foundation

JOHNSON’S® supports the United Nation’s Every Woman Every Child initiative, designed to improve the health and well-being of women and children around the world. We pledged a five-year support commitment to reach as many as 120 million women and children a year by 2015. By working with partners in areas like midwifery education and healthcare, we’re proud to have met this goal early and continued our support through 2015.

Healthy Environment

By 2050, our world's population is expected to surpass 9 billion people. And with natural resources already being consumed faster than the planet can replenish, caring for the planet that cares for us has never been more important. We're proud to take part in the following programs to help ensure an environmental future for our children:

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