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Get ready for our special arrival … the NEW Johnson’s®

New formulas, New packaging, New products.

Check back on July 9, 2018
for more information.

Johnson’s® never stops raising the bar when it comes to delivering the best for your baby – that drives everything that we do. Guided by our mission to create the gentlest products backed by science, and our desire to address parents’ growing needs – we’ve improved inside and out.

Our Unwavering Commitment to Delivering the Best in Baby Care

For over 125 years, Johnson’s® has been committed to improving the lives of parents and babies by creating the gentlest baby products in the world. We are constantly learning about babies’ specific skin care needs with over 90% of all industry-led baby skin care research coming from us! Now we have combined our latest clinical research with our love for babies to raise the bar even higher and improve our products, beating the top safety standards in the world.

Thinking Like a Parent First

We collaborated with over 25,000 parents to help shape and refine our products, and packaging design for the NEW Johnson’s®. We used their feedback to create even gentler products that help parents bond with their baby during those special moments – from bathtime fun to bedtime snuggles. Because it’s not only about the science; we also care about what you think.

Choosing Purposeful Ingredients

Parents told us 'less is more’, so we challenged ourselves to be even more choiceful and carefully evaluated each ingredient in our beloved formulas – nothing was sacred! We reduced the number of ingredients in our washes, shampoos, conditioners and lotions by 50%, to make simpler, gentler formulas with no parabens, no phthalates, and no sulfates.

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