Essential Vacation Beauty Hacks

You want to look your best on vacation, but you also want to enjoy your time away without sweating the small stuff. These five simple hacks will help keep you looking your best while sparing you any stress along the way.

1. Keep a Pre-Packed, Beauty Travel Kit

The pre-vacation madness means your brain is running in a million directions to get everything organized and often you’re more focused on what the kids need than what you need to bring. To avoid the last-minute drugstore run or, worse, realizing that you’re missing something only when you’re unpacking in your sunny hotel room, keep a pre-packed travel bag ready to go at all times. Fill it with TSA-sized versions of your favorite shampoos, lotions and other liquids, as well as your critical beauty tools.


2. Revive the Glow

When you step off a four-hour flight that you spent corralling and entertaining fidgety kids, you could use a boost. A quick, high-impact way to revive your skin’s radiance is with a hydrating cleanser and a gel moisturizer. Splash some cold water on your face, lather away and generously apply your moisturizer. In just minutes, your skin will feel refreshed and your healthy glow will return.


3. Use a Face Lotion with SPF

If you’re heading into a day of sunny relaxation, save time by swapping your daily lotion for one that contains 30 SPF facial sunscreen. You can even mix your sunscreen with your foundation for a quick tint that will give you a lighter, but more even application.


4. Remove Grime with Baby Oil

Don’t let your skin suffer just because your brain is on vacation. While you likely don’t want to end the day with your standard deep-clean skin-care routine, it’s really important to remove the day’s makeup. Use baby oil to quickly get rid of stubborn mascara and eyeliner without tugging at your eyes.


5. Tame Crazy Hair with Lotion

Whether you spent the day relaxing seaside or scaling a mountain, there’s a good chance you’re not looking ultra glam. But don’t let crazy frizz stand between you and capturing these memories with some impromptu family vaca photos. Throw your hair up in a bun, put a few dabs of lotion on your hands, and gently smooth back the fly-aways. It’s a perfect on-the-spot solution!