JOHNSON'S® Cotton Swabs

A little swab for those little folds and creases

When it comes to your baby, no spot should go un-cleaned, so our cotton swabs are perfectly shaped to get to those hard to reach areas.

  • Clean and dry little spaces around baby and grownup ears
  • Naturally soft, absorbent and gentle
  • Ideal for applying make-up and ointments


Made from 100% pure, non-chlorine bleached cotton.

How to Use

Guide the swab over the folds and creases around the outer surface of each ear. Because this area is so sensitive, it's extremely important to keep it clean and even more important that you use extra care in doing so. Inserting the swab into the ear canal can result in injury.

When to Use

Use JOHNSON'S® Cotton Swabs after bathtime to dry the outer surface of the ear, or anytime to gently remove visible dirt and wax.

Safety Tip

When using on ears, do not probe into ear canal itself; use gently to remove visible dirt and wax around the outer surface of ear. Improper use can cause injury. Keep out of reach of babies and young children. This product is not a toy.