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Host an Outdoor Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower for a special mother-to-be? Invite Mother Nature to the party—host it outside!

Tips for success:

Creature comforts:

A backyard, patio or deck works well for a gathering—or you can plug your Zip code into NatureFind to locate a park nearby. Make sure there’s plenty of shade and remind all to wear sunscreen—especially the guest of honor!

Use nature as the backdrop:

Forget the streamers—let the landscape be the decoration. If the outdoor space needs some sprucing, place small potted plants on each table. The guests can take them home as a parting gift.

Or… take the party on the road:

If the mom-to-be is game, take the group apple or berry picking instead of hosting a traditional party.

Inspire new beginnings:

For party favors, customize seed packets for each guest. On small pieces of colorful paper, write each guest’s name. Punch a hole in the top right corner of the paper and in the top left corner of the seed packet. String a piece of festive ribbon through both holes and tie a bow.

Send "earthy" invites:

Send invitations using seed paper that your guests can plant in their gardens, instead of tossing in the trash can.


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Gear up:

Ask the guest of honor to add some outdoor essentials to her baby registry, such as:

  • Baby carrier: Carriers allow mom to keep baby close while they both have an outdoor adventure.
  • Swimming supplies: Register for a bathing suit, beach towel, swimming diapers, several sun hats and sunscreen. To estimate size, calculate how old the baby will be when she will first be introduced to an ocean, lake, pool or pond.
  • Bug netting: Keep mosquitoes and other bugs off baby by storing some netting in the diaper bag.
  • Stroller: It’s the essential outdoor baby gear purchase—and there are many to choose from, from jogging strollers to light-weight umbrella strollers.
  • Outdoor toys: Get the classics—balls, bubbles, a shovel and a pail.
  • Baby tent: Many parents find these portable screened-in beds invaluable for indoor or outdoor sleeping.
See you outside!