Because we have the highest ideals for your baby, every JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® product available to moms and babies is guided by our own, unique BEST FOR BABY NATURALS™ Standard. That means safety is our first and foremost priority. And when it comes to what's best for babies, we promise to deliver only specially designed baby products that are safe, gentle and mild.

Is natural always best for baby?

Natural means a lot of different things to different people. In fact, there are dozens of organizations dedicated to determining which products meet their standard of “natural.” But there is only one natural standard dedicated specifically to the needs of infant skin — and that’s our BEST FOR BABY NATURALS™ Standard, developed from 100 years of trusted JOHNSON’S® Brand baby care expertise. We even exceed the Natural Product Association’s guidelines*.

It’s important to know that just because an ingredient is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe, non-irritating and non-allergenic to your baby’s skin. For that reason, we carefully select each ingredient in ourJOHNSON'S® NATURAL® products, and we fully test our formulations for potential allergic reactions or irritation. That’s how we know each JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® product, with ALLERFREE™ fragrance, is clinically proven mild. Plus, every product in our new line is dye free, paraben free and free from irritating essential oils.

What research tells us

At the JOHNSON’S® Brand, we back our products with over 100 years of research and expertise in developing products to meet the special needs of babies. Our scientists have pioneered research into understanding just how unique baby’s skin really is, and we’ve used those findings to ensure that our products are specially formulated for babies.

We’ve learned that baby’s skin is still developing and is much thinner than adult skin, and although it’s more hydrated than adult skin, baby’s skin manages water differently and it can lose moisture faster.

And because we know that baby’s skin is more vulnerable to irritants, we’ve developed our JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® products with carefully selected, naturally derived ingredients in products clinically proven mild enough for your baby’s skin, hair and eyes.

The importance of expert evaluations

To ensure our products are gentle, mild and properly tested for safety, we actively work with outside experts, like pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists, midwives and nurses.

All JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® products must pass our rigorous and comprehensive evaluation to ensure they're appropriate for your baby.

  1. We determine exactly how the product will be used.

    Our Safety Team considers who the product is intended for, its intended use, what areas of the body the product will come in contact with, how often it will be used, and whether the product will be rinsed off or remain on the skin.

  2. We carefully assess ingredients and formulations.

    When developing JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® products, we apply rigorous standards, and our Safety Team carefully considers each naturally derived ingredient and its impact on a product's final formulation

    This assessment involves ongoing review of the latest scientific information, including staying fully abreast of current and pending regulations in each country where we market our products. We thoroughly review and assess information for each ingredient, including supplier information and independent safety analyses and clinical data.

  3. We conduct real-world evaluations with moms.

    Each naturally derived ingredient in JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® is carefully selected and reviewed for safety, and our product formulations are clinically evaluated with appropriate testing. We ensure each product displaying the NO MORE TEARS® or CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS® seal has the right body of research and support behind it and that claims like "hypoallergenic" and "designed gentle enough for newborns" have appropriate data behind them.

    Products that make it through our rigorous assessment and become "candidates" for the marketplace are placed with real moms to use in the real world. This helps us learn how the product will actually be used and lets us know if there is anything more we need to do before marketing the product.

  4. We never stop monitoring what you say about our products.

    Only after a JOHNSON'S® NATURAL® product meets all of our internal criteria, including the BEST FOR BABY NATURALS™ Standard, is it ready for your baby. But our responsibility doesn’t stop there. Our Safety Team continues to conduct ongoing research and listens to your feedback. Based on that information, we continue to improve and develop the next generation of quality products for baby.

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*Use of the Natural Products Association trademark does not imply an endorsement or certification of any JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® product.