What's Best: Bottle or Breast?

Based on content from JOHNSON'S® Baby Care Basics: The Essential Guide for New Parents.

Healthcare professionals agree that nothing is better for babies than breast milk. Nutritionally speaking, it's tailor-made for your child. It has all the vitamins and minerals that babies need, it's easier to digest than formula, and it's less likely to cause allergic reactions. Breastfeeding lets a mother pass on antibodies from her own immune system through her breast milk, to boost her baby's defense against infections. And it naturally adapts to your baby's changing needs over weeks and months. For all these reasons, you should make every effort to breastfeed your baby.

Other Ways to Nourish
Of course, sometimes mothers cannot breastfeed, due to medical problems or other special circumstances. Discuss with your pediatrician how best to feed your baby. No matter how you decide to feed your baby, be sure to always hold him while feeding. The cuddling that comes with nursing and feeding helps to build a strong, loving bond between you and your baby. Invite your partner to participate - feeding time is a great opportunity for your baby and partner to feel close.