Picture Perfect

Getting your child ready for picture day? Think it's inevitable that she's going to have spots on her clothes, hair sticking upward, and food all over her face by the time the photographer arrives? Well, we've got good news. It's not! Here's a step-by-step guide to making sure your little one is picture perfect in time to say "cheese."

Step 1: Get Prepared

  • Pick out the clothes that she is going to wear in the picture. And then pick a back-up in case of emergency. Decide what you're going to do with her hair. Then set the clothes and any necessary accessories aside so that there won't be any accidents. Do not let her wear the clothes at any point before picture time.

Step 2: It's Bath Time

  • About one hour before picture time (or as close to it as possible), put your toddler in the bath. Always use gentle products on her skin and hair. For her hair, consider using a 2-in-1 shampoo for easy detangling and combing. For a gentle yet effective 2-in-1 shampoo, JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TANGLES® Extra Conditioning Shampoo to unlock knots and tangles and to leave your child's hair shiny, healthy looking, and more manageable.

Step 3: Hairstyling

  • Once your little one is out of the bath, it's time to get her hair done. And, just like with adults, hair should always be done before the clothes are put on. If your toddler's hair tends to get really tangled, use JOHNSON'S® NO MORE TANGLES® Detangling Spray on child's wet or dry hair for easy detangling and manageability. Then run a comb through and get all the knots out. Style your toddler's hair exactly as you want it in the picture. Then give it a few minutes to dry before doing anything else.

Step 4: Last Chance

  • Make sure that you won't have to do anything that might make a stain between now and picture time. Does her diaper need to be changed? Or does she need to use the potty? Is she hungry? While you can't guarantee that none of those things will come up between now and then, you can at least reduce the possibility.

Step 5: Getting Dressed

  • Now it's time to get those clothes on. Make sure that you don't tie anything too tight or put something on that might make them uncomfortable. They need to be as happy and comfortable as possible when picture time comes. And if there are any accidents, you've got the backup outfit on hand.

Step 6: Final Check

  • So the photographer has arrived. Give your child an once-over to make sure that everything is in place. Grab a brush, the back-up clothes and some baby wipes in case there are any last-minute stains, her hair has fallen out of place or her face needs one more cleaning.

Step 7: Say Cheese!

  • You've made it! She looked just perfect for the picture ... Now tell her that she can be as messy as she'd like.